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To empower individuals on becoming, conscientious, responsible, goal-oriented and
-sufficient contributors of society.

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  • YASS was created as a result of great concern for housing for youth reaching the age of 18 and considered as "aged out" of the foster care system.
  • YASS' primary focus is to provide support services to youth ages 18 years to 23 years that need more than a place to live, but a place to call home.
  • YASS' goal is to provide a "wholistic " person centered approach to support each YASS resident; to do so, we assess their deficiency.
  • Identify resources within our network and within the community to help improve their personal growth and development into adulthood.

YASS offers a person focus based approach; we are here to support you as an individual, as well as other residents who will reside with you. Each resident has unique needs that will be addressed individually and supported by YASS staff internally as well as  externally from the community. YASS will serve as an Independent Living Support Service;with one of the main goals is to assist youth on becoming self-confident and self-sufficient while constructing personal support system in the community and in their personal circle.

The support system may include mentors, case managers, friends or counselors who will serve as positive building blocks who will assist YASS residents in their transition from the foster care program into adulthood. We understand transition to independence is a big step and so it important to have these much-needed support in place. As YASS residents embark upon this journey to independence, it is necessary to have your personal goals and several key tools in place.

Remember YASS staff and others will be
here to
help with these key areas:

Daily Living Skills

Money Management

Decision Making

Building Self-Esteem


Building Healthy Relationships


Must be at least 18 years of age and a former foster youth

Must be willing to attend school part/full-time (GED/HS/Vocational/College)

Work full or part-time

Participate in an employable skill training effort
(Shop, cook and do own laundry and assist with household chores)

Participate in essential life skills

Maintain a savings account

Adhere to YASS guidelines and individual support plan to remain a resident.



We are a 501(c)3 organization

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