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Internal Y.A.S.S Categories of Service

Monthly Cost Per Person



Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
$ $ $ Outside Referral
Housing- furnished living quarters Daily Life Skills: house and personal Job Search/ Employment Legal guidance
Internet, electricity, cable in common area Budgeting: set up account, banking Community Resources – Travel training Mental Health referral
Basic household grocery Personal hygiene* Medical/Health insurance

GED/ Adult Basic Education
High School Diploma

Behavioral Health Referral

Laundry (on-site) Mentorship: Credit reporting

College & Vocational Exploration

Substance Abuse

*This breakdown has an average cost to accommodate each person’s room & board, the other categories are additional costs to support each resident as part of their monthly expenses.

Frequency of services:

According to the need of each resident or the collective the following category of services will be provided either as 1 on 1 or as a group. Nevertheless, each resident will obtain an average of 2-4 hr/week-4 times per month according to their availability throughout the week.  Should there be a need for more individualized assistance, staff will devise a plan for more instructional assistance to help residents work through a task(s) until goals is completed. (With the aid of today’s technology various tasks can be easily researched and implemented. Once each goal is met, staff and resident will begin focusing on another area(s) of need/goal.

*YASS staff will document and provide update to YASS support team.

YASS Monthly Reports:

To measure YASS residents’ progress, staff will provide updates and scheduled monthly meeting.  YASS staff will provide case managers or other affiliates milestone on residents which allow support group to offer guidance and recommendations to resources internally or externally.

YASS staff, along with resident’s case manager may recommend Intervention Support Services (ISS) should any YASS residents experience “unusual” challenges that require emergency intervention options. It is understood, YASS residents are independent however, guidelines will be in place to help support and direct residents to intervention options in the community as deemed necessary. 

Y.A.S.S will have established guidelines “house rules” that will be subjected to be reinforced should residents fail to comply.  The YASS residential guidelines are provided to ensure all YASS residents’ personal rights are not infringed upon by another fellow residents. All YASS residents are expected to be treated fairly, to be respected for their opinion and their rights are not to be violated, all should be treated as an equal within the house. 




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